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Contract Writing

We write or offer training on everything from small to large government contracts for any size business anywhere in America. If you are looking for the best written contracts in the country we also have seasoned relationships with expert 3rd party contract writer associates who specialize in each specific area of business.

The main reason people lose contracts and grants is because of the accuracy of the documentation. In many cases if you’re smart you submit the bid, proposal or grant early so you have time to resubmit if you make a mistake. That’s if you catch the fact that you made a mistake to begin with. So, obviously, having a grant or proposal writer on your team guarantees you greater success of making less mistakes therefore winning more contracts and grants.


Per Writing

$ 6500

  • Custom Bid Strategy
  • 1 Contract or Grant Application
  • Online Submission to SAM
  • SAM Monitoring & Optimization

Writing Training

$ 250/hour

  • Custom Bid Strategy
  • Governement Protocol
  • Online Submission to SAM
  • Fixing Errors After Submission