WWW.SAM.GOV – SAM or the system for award management is a government system that you register in to apply for grants or to win and get paid on government contracts. Its a compilation of registrations, representations & certifications for your business or 501C-3 non-profit. This system was implemented roughly around 2012 is comprised of old systems including FBO, FEDREG, DSBS and the old CCR and ORCA. SAM is a government database, the company that built it, runs it, updates and maintains it, however, is a private third party for profit company (most likely the same company that built Obamacare). There is no fee to register in SAM and you can get free help at the Federal Service Desk WWW.FSD.GOV (which is also built, maintained and run by a private third party for profit company). Prepare yourself to be on hold for awhile. These systems are busy in normal situations and with the Corona Virus Pandemic these systems are most likely backlogged. SAM is also the system to find opportunities to bid with the federal government as the old WWW.FBO.GOV – FBO Federal Buiness Opportunities website was recently merged now at WWW.BETA.SAM.GOV .

While it’s free to register it can be difficult and time consuming. You can do it on your own, hire an attorney to do it for you or pay a third party registration service (suggested with the current backlog).  It’s mandatory to be registered properly and have a DUNS number WWW.DNB.COM and CAGE code – Corporate and Government Entity code to work with the federal government and get paid by the federal government on almost any level (some State, County and local government contracts as well). We know, that’s a LOT of acronyms (for a free list of acronyms click here). 

We recommend that you manage, maintain and update your registrations, representations and certifications monthly at the minimum. Rules, laws and requirements change almost daily and not keeping these compliant can cost you a contract or grant. If you use an attorney or third party they will take the responsibility to manage, maintain and update your registrations, representations and certifications whenever there are changes in the laws, rules and regulations that govern your business or 501C-3 non-profit. 

If you misspell a word or forget to input a field on a bid, proposal, contract or grant in some cases you will be disqualified from the process and lose the contract or be denied the grant. Main reason people lose contracts and grants is because of the accuracy of the documentation. In many cases if you’re smart you submit the bid, proposal or grant early so you have time to resubmit if you make a mistake. That’s if you catch the fact that you made a mistake to begin with. So, obviously, having a grant or proposal writer on your team guarantees you a greater success of making less mistakes therefore winning more contracts and grants. We can and will write these grants and contracts for you but we would rather teach you how to do it properly yourself. Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he may stay drunk in a boat but he can feed himself……. 

Our team is comprised of high level subject matter experts with multiple talents across the board. We are a team of accomplished and polished masters of the trade. You can schedule any one of our pros including John Wayne to speak at your event. 

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